Frequently asked questions

Which platforms are supported?

For the BorgWeb web service, we try to support the same platforms as for BorgBackup.

Additionally, you will need some sane browser to access the web service, like Firefox or Chrome/Chromium. Using MS Internet Explorer [IE] (or other other browsers based on it) is discouraged and unsupported. If you run a sane browser, accessing the service should work from desktop and mobile platforms, we try to adapt to your screen resolution.

Why a web-based / browser-based approach?

We didn’t implement a “normal” desktop application, but a web app because:

  • too many different desktop and mobile platforms to support (Linux, *BSD, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS + a ton of different options per platform)
  • html5, css and js works (almost) everywhere and we even have same code / similar UI everywhere.
  • you can run the browser on the same machine as the backup software (typical desktop backup scenario), but you can also run it on another machine (server-without-GUI scenario) - more flexibility!